The Financial Expert

The Financial ExpertThe Financial Expert by R.K. Narayan
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Margaya ,the man around him whole of the story rotates.His excellent financial skills,as the tittle says Financial Expert .He started his career as a man who helps villagers to obtain loan from the cooperative bank & charged them some money if they obtained loan.His consummate skills & glib speaking skills made sure that no one returned without loan.
After being insulted by a bank official & his worker he became extremely sad and blamed his financial conditions for his insult & decided to become rich.
In this process after advice of Pandit he did a Puja of Goddess Lakshmi,The God of Wealth.
Soon in turn of events he met Dr Pal ,who worked for a newspaper.
In later story Margaya became very rich & soon very poor in a quick turn of events & story suddenly reached where it has started.
Good book by Sir RK & it tells what greed and money can do to a man .

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