2016 -The Year that changed Indian Media Forever


It’s 9:52 PM here in India and only a few hours are left before 2016 kisses us goodbye forever.Everybody is busy in retrospecting their memories of 2016 and I have decided to describe mine. It is already loud outside & I have just watched PM Modi’s address to the nation.

There are many ideas in my mind & I have chosen to say something about India’s Media.This is a year that completely metamorphosed the way we perceive and think of MEDIA.Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy after Legislature, Executive & Judiciary.It is the duty of Media to check the undesired advance of these three pillars of democracy when they become rustic and unrelentingly out of control. An ordinary citizen perception of the government is directly proportional to the way media of a country reports/rates the government & its policies.Media houses independency is a must and essential feature of a democratic nation.Any nation where media is not independent and is heavily influenced by government/army can not be said to be a democratic one.I believe free and independent media are MUST for a civilization to continually progress in this modern era.
I believe in humanitarian values.Human life cannot be compared with that of animals and humans must always be preferred to animals.Take for example the recent incidents in a country like Rohith Vemula suicide, Una’s self-declared Gorakshaks thrashing Dalit youths, Mujafanagr riots & many other corruption incidents which wouldn’t have received that much coverage and attention had it not been the independency of media as most of these incidents were indirectly supported by the state.Many state governments & the current  NDA government at the center is often accused of imposing right-wing ideology.
For ensuring that ideology is not imposed on any group free media is a must.

But 2016 changed the general perception of media in minds of ordinary citizen.The media which was supposed to be neutral turned out to be an imposter in and they were first exposed in JNU incident where the backed up Anti-National elements under the masquerade of students.The Indian media openly supported left wing.Continuous hate-mongering campaigns were launched against Modi’s government.They were looking less like reporters but more like any Private agency hired by the opposition party to malign & criticize the incumbent government. Award Wapsi gang portrayed India’s image in West media as if minorities are in serious danger and heinous crimes have been committed by the majority Hindus against minorities, as if India’s government is fully supporting them, Modi is acting like Hitler, Fascist powers are going to take over democracy BLAH .. BLAH…
For the whole of the year, propagandas were launched to prove the fact that Modi government is intellectually not capable & proficient of running/handling the country.They were insisting that any decision taken by NDA cannot bring any good to the country .Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai any many more prominent journalists were critical of Narendra Modi for the whole of the year & took opposite stands than him on all the issues he fixed, all the positions he took.
 Being anti-establishment is not a bad thing but only acting like hired goons/agents is completely wrong when you are in such an important position.A journalist must not be a fan or a supporter of a politician.He must be critical of all the policies and plans which are implemented/envisaged by the ruling party but he must not act like a man who is only keen on proving the fact that a particular person or a party cannot do anything good to the country.All the major journalists of India are pro left barring one or two. They were always putting their weight on the fact that Hindus are mentally retarded & Hinduism must be banned for the progress of India but they never raised their voice against the atrocities committed by other religions especially Islam and Christianity.Their rules changed when it came to Muslims/Christians.

The India media was busy for the whole of the year on Dalitising each and every news which they got.It looks like National Dastak has vowed to wipe out Hinduism from India.Read editorials on The Hindu, The Indian Express, NDTV , you will very soon realize that they give space only to a particular left ideology.Watch Prime Time with Ravish Kumar you will feel Non-Hindus are ghettoized in India.Z news runs BJP agenda 24*7 and looks more like a channel promoting right wing ideology.

This kind of reporting has created a serious problem in India.It is not as if these prominent journalists are always wrong.They are sometimes veracious and raise important questions.The issues isssues raised by them must be discussed and debated.But if they continue to do their kind of Journalism soon people will completely stop watching them and will boycott them.This will create fractions among media and viewers and end result will be no one listening views contrary to them.
A civilization that does not argue, that does not debates simply can not ADVANCE.Its growth will be stalled and dogmatic & orthodox powers will gradually take up.
Like others I am too optimistic and hope 2017 will bring fundamental changes in journalism and journalists will report incidents without any biases and pre formed perceptions.

Feedback will be appreciated.


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