AAP : The Lost Hope

Still, AAP is a better deal than BJP, Congress at the state level.They themselves (BJP-Congress) are black money holders & dacoits.It is ridiculous to believe they will eliminate corruption & poverty.I sardonically laugh at those who believe BJP is fighting casteism, inequality & nepotism.

Kejriwal is responsible for the freefall that AAP has seen in its supporters base & popularity.He has clearly deviated from the principles on which AAP was founded but again AAP itself is far better than BJP-Congress.We all know that half of BJP.Congress tickets are allotted to thugs , criminals & bullies.

Whatever Modi say , he can’t take down big players.If he starts a full-fledged war against them then BJP will cease to exist as its main & powerful members are themselves involved in such acts/activities.

It might be possible that in distant future AAP might be reduced to minuscule importance in National as well as state politics but they will always be given the credit for bringing the paradigm shift in Indian politics.Kejriwal missed a big opportunity & he is the only guy to be blamed for their debacle.

Personal ambitions took him over & he failed to manifest the reality.

Feedback will be appreciated.


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