My take on “How to eradicate castes in India ” ?


  • Firstly remove caste based reservations & replace them with Income based reservations.Youth of our generation would not have cared much about castes had caste based reservation not been there.
  • Divisions will always remain in the society .They do exist in each country of the world. In India it is caste based,in few countries it is color based ,in some it is money based & so on. So what we need to achieve is eradication of caste as a criteria of judging people,as a method of forecasting/estimating there abilities,talents & skills.
  • This can truly be achieved if caste is not associated with status. SoHINDUISM caste based doctrines/ideologies must be dumped/discarded as early as possible. As a matter of fact it has already started.
  • We need to provide kids moral/ethical education & them to a level that they can judge what is right what is wrong. They can stand out against discrimination’s,inequality & discern what is right & what is wrong.They can marry whosoever they love irrespective of his/her caste.
  • Caste based politics must be dumped in India.These bastard politicians actually do need castes for survival & winning elections.They are perpetuating castes.
  • Media must also scrupulously /ethically report caste based incidents.Wrong reporting without checking facts/with bias towards particular group will only result in fomenting of anger in one group against the another & will augment caste based discrimination.
  • Strong SECULAR government must be at center with policies/planning for welfare of a nation as whole not just a particular group or religion.

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