Kanhaiya Kumar : The new poster boy of Indian Media

#Kanhaiya Kumar #JNU
His mother is an aganwadi worker with ₹3000/month salary.Father is suffering from paralysis .
So from where the hell is he funded ,from whose money is he buying airplane tickets.
AND above all he owns an I-Phone .
Answer is clear.He is being funded by #AntiNational communist & #Marxist grps.This grp has deep penetration & large influence in Media houses & topmost educational institutions like JNU,HCU etc. They are very desperate to find a leader whi could face Modi in 2019.Rahul ,Kejri & Nitish have limited ground only.I truly believe these morons won’t be able to get 100 seats in Lok Sabha if they would go in 2019 LS polls alone.In a country like India they have reduced their image to state & soecific grp leaders who all are good in muslim appeasement politics.They are no match for Modi Ji on National level.
Now their new hope is Kanhaiya Kumar.This pro Kashmir supporter gets media attention on every single activity he does.This is similar to what was done witn Kejriwal.No doubt Modi gets attention too but he is in politics for many decades & has not risen to such high position in few months.We will see much more of this #drama before UP polls & 2019 polls.




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